Sign up for our daily newsletter Newsletter. AMD Eyefinity technology works with games that support non-standard aspect ratios which is required for panning across three displays. I found nothing not to like about this video card. The Sapphire HD does not disappoint. It was the first time ever that I can recall where I saw a company release a last-gen product well into the current-gen cycle. We’ve never seen a card this powerful at this price before, and it should have a lengthy lifespan thanks to its DirectX 11 support.

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View this thread in our forums! In addition, some features or technologies may require you to purchase additional components in order to make full use of them e.

If a particular feature is important to you, please inquire of the manufacturer if a particular product supports this feature.

Sapphire radeon hd 5850, the card features a new 550 — optimized for efficient heat dissipation and of course, improved overclocking.

Minimum 1GB of system memory. To find out more, including how sapphire radeon hd 5850 control cookies, see here: A W or larger power supply is recommended by AMD and a list of suggested power supply units can be found here. Certified power supplies are recommended.

Not all products have all features and full enablement of some capabilities and may require complementary products. VGA quick installation guide.

ATI Radeon™ HD graphics

Temperature Testing Page Sapphire Toxic Overclocking Page As pixel count grows, the graphics “horsepower” required to drive the displays at a reasonable frame rate can increase dramatically. I found nothing not to like about this video card. It was the first time ever that Sappnire can recall where I saw a company release a last-gen product well into the current-gen cycle.

Resident Evil 5 Page 6: Affordability is the name sapphire radeon hd 5850 the game these days and in this, the HD wins sapphire radeon hd 5850 down. The Sapphire HD does not disappoint. It may not be quite as powerful as its larger sibling, but it’s still mind-blowingly quick. It’s still a lot of money for a graphics card, but thankfully it’s worth every penny.

Colors of PCB or other components may differ from those illustrated. In our opinion, the Sapphire HD is truly a card to be reckoned with since it incorporates near-HD performance sapphire radeon hd 5850 a package which is smaller, more efficient and quite affordable to boot.

Third parties manufacturing products based on, or incorporating ATI Radeon HD graphics chips, may choose to enable some or all of these features. Hot Product Award by Motherboards. When tested, the overclocks radron significant gains throughout the entire suite of games and benchmarks almost reaching the sapphire radeon hd 5850 of the HD ! Expand your visual real estate across up to three displays and get lost in the action with revolutionary AMD Eyefinity Technology.

Sapphire Radeon HD 5850 1GB review

Windows 7 bit Windows 8. All of the hot air from the cooling fan exhausts out sapphire radeon hd 5850 small vent hole on sapphie back of the card sappyire the little slots just in front of the CrossFire interconnects. Just Cause 2 5. It has full support for DirectX 11, which adds tessellation, allowing for more complex models in games, along with a range of new effects. An nice package with good build quality and high performance components, and a coupon for one of DirectX 11’s showcase titles means you can buy with confidence.

The cooler is very effective, and the fan silent.

ATI Radeon HD 5850

That’s only fewer units than the HD has, and a massive step up from the units found on most of the series cards. When you consider the fact that this card retails for bucks or dollars less than the GTXthe former heavyweight single GPU champ takes a beating in the price vs. The two black Philips screws on the left side are used to hold on the passive cooler for the voltage regulators. ATI has hit a home run with the HD series as the cards are the fastest single chip solutions on the market sapphire radeon hd 5850 most applications and the full compliance with DirectX 11 allows you to have a sense of future-proofing more than any other card on the sapphire radeon hd 5850 today.