If no then do it will help you to boot without error. License for Windows 7 in VM? Unless I did it wrong. In fact, the EVR renderer gives trouble as well — the default renderer works best. A little tweaking and you are on your way. So you are only getting 2ch stereo with LPCM?

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Dc Gigabit Ethernet Controller Front Panel Header Main power — a 2 x 12 connector.

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I have my htpc hdmi output sent intel desktop dh55tc motherboard a monoprice splitter where one goes to tv and the other one to a receiver. Failure to provide adequate standby current when implementing Instantly Available PC technology can damage the power supply.

Copied and pasted config. The screen blinks like is trying to switch to mpc but it can not. Yes, LPCM can be bitstreamed as well.

Hope you have a good time in Mexico, inttel warm weather would definitely be nice!!! Second computer is running XBMC Dharma 10 and it has been solid with everything using default player minus the bit streaming of HD audio of intel desktop dh55tc motherboard Of course I would like to add that and use the MPC HC as motnerboard external player — what are the steps for this setup? Page 1 of 4. Rob, Hope you have a good time in Mexico, some warm weather would definitely be nice!!!

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Here is a link on how to set up:. Ziggy, So resktop cannot get bitstreaming through WMC? Something is wrong with the realtek site. Thanks Derek for the followup.

Intel DH55TC Manuals

Board labels provide the following product information:. Maybe dh555tc posting your issue in the ATI 5xxx thread I linked to in the last section.

Chassis And Component Certifications So I look foward to your guide on that. The maintenance menu is displayed. Any one with these same problems.


Dn55tc started happening more frequently with other movies I was ripping. If already did it then use another one. One of the six restricted materials is lead. Does anyone had such problem?

I have actually had this working for a while. Connecting Chassis Fan Cables It is not a big deal if you are unsure I only have a intel desktop dh55tc motherboard movies in m2ts format and can just use the mouse to select the sub when required.

You could also try destkop the mkv through tsmuxer to create a.

We ourself do like that. I downloaded MakeMKV v1. Audio Connectors And Headers Funny thing is now it does not matter where the. Table Of Contents