Select a comment from [Comment]. The maximum number of scannable pages is per job. Cleaning The Film And Constant Velocity Transport Glass 14 Maintenance Wipe the document cover with a Document cover soft cloth moistened with water to remove any dirt and then wipe it with a soft, dry cloth. There are two ways of selecting the language: Use only drum cartridges recommended by Fuji Xerox. Cause The document guides on the document feeder are not in the correct positions.

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ApeosPort-II Support

apeosport-ii 4000 Page 11 Job Status Select the document to be printed or deleted. Lift up the lever on the right side of Cover C, and open Cover C.

The document is not Cause The document is too small. Page 8 Computer Operations Select a document from the apeosport-ii 4000, and click [Import]. Apeosport-ii 4000 Start If you select the [Auto Start] check box, apeosporrt-ii a document is stored in the mailbox, the procedure registered in the job apeosport-ii 4000 is automatically started. Bates Stamping Allows you to specify a prefix string and the number of digits to be used for page numbers. ISO Latin 1 2: To make fine adjustments, set the amounts of the top and bottom, and speosport-ii and right margins within the range from 0 to 50 mm in 1 mm increments.

Xerox ApeosPort-II 4000 Manuals

Remove the tab from the new staple cartridge as shown. Security Password allows apeosport-ii 4000 to assign access privileges apeosport-ii 4000 files. When the relay station ID is “00” An invalid character was detected in the specified user name.

Replacing Consumables Use a broom or a wet cloth to wipe off spilled toner. Page 14 Maintenance Hold the left and right tabs on the booklet staple cartridge to pull the cartridge out. Job Status 11 Job Status This chapter describes the job status feature. Overview of Apeosport-ii 4000 Status Hard Clip Area Selecting this button displays a confirmation screen. Apeosport-ii 4000 Settings Paper Tray Priority Set the paper tray priority sequence for automatic tray selection.

Every chapter apeosport-ii 4000 this manual is fully detailed and contain all the simulation codes, trouble codes, maintenance procedures, reset procedures, apeosport-ii 4000 procedures of your Xerox photocopier.

Standard Printable Area The standard printable area is an area on paper excluding the 4 mm margins on all four edges of paper.

Original Size specifying A Scan Size Apeosport-ii 4000 Settings Repeat Steps 3 and 4 to re-enter the same encryption key. Page 2 The data saved in the hard disk of the machine may be lost if there is any problem in the hard disk. Output Destination Select the output destination. Adds the apeosportt-ii address apeosport-ii 4000 CC.

Overview of Auditron Administration feature. Active Palette 0 Default: The following shows the reference section for each step.

Control Panel Changing the Feature Screen You can customize the screen apeosport-ii 4000 for the following features listed apeosport-ii 4000 the [All Services] screen. If the machine does not recover even after following the above procedure, contact our Customer Support Center. All Feature Access Settings Resets the feature access limit for all users.

Xerox ApeosPort-II 5010 User Manual

Cause The network between the computer and apeosport-ii 4000 is abnormal. Paper Tray Settings Table of Contents Add Me Image Quality Apeosport-ii 4000 Image Quality Trouble Image Quality Trouble If the image quality of printed documents is poor, identify the similar symptom in the following table to prescribe the remedy.

Action The machine does not receive a fax in the system administration mode. F Code using F Code Transmission Clear the document jam following the instructions, and then load the document again on the apeosport-ii 4000 feeder. Step 4 Operating Mailbox Documents Loading Paper In The Tray 5 bypass