It’s slow when printing big PDFs or big pictures. I can’t remove the black toner cartridge from my Magicolor I’m on a Mac OS I rang Konica Minolta and they sent a technician to fix for free the phone number is , so check when you purchased your machine – I thought it only came with 12 months. Started getting toner around edges of sheet and then turned into a 4″ band of blue across entire front and back of sheet. The Konica Minolta printer comes with a 2-year warranty. I have a DL and my toner was printing fine than it reached the “end of life black” i a piece of aluminum foil to bridge the fuse then turned it off and removed it but it still at “end of life black” what can i do to reset it?

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It looked almost impossible to get them out konica minolta 5430dl damage minlota I just shorted across the plates with a 5430el core wire stiff enough to secure it. Looking down you will see 1 screw on the front side and two screws on the rear side of the scanner. Please help its driving me nuts Dave. Sorry, that didn’t come out as planned. Should I do the short circuit thing? I was getting a fatal error 17H on my magicolor W and it made a grinding sound on startup.

Contacted Apple konica minolta 5430dl they said I need to get an updated driver from Konica.

Repair the Supply Memory Error on HP , , and

Hi, this could be caused by a speck of dirt on the glass cover of the laser light or slight damage or dirt on minolha konica minolta 5430dl drum clean it with a SOFT cloth Have you tried printing solid black strips across the width of the page or a complete black page?

This is so they can recoup konica minolta 5430dl money on toner that they lose selling the machine cheaper. I have got a magicolour the online light is on,data light is on and the message light konica minolta 5430dl on.

The source of your refill toner should have supplied a new chip – it would probably be in a small bubble lonica bag. I’m prining 6 and 7 MB word docs and PowerPoint presentations and it takes forever. I’ve found a couple other posts on the web with people experiencing similar problems with thebut have yet to see a solution or even an explanation.

Of course this printer is not networkable but can be networked. Konica minolta 5430dl realized the tonor rack was getting jammed against these two plastic tabs that are attached to the inside of the door on the front face of the printer presumably for alignment.

You can turn go to menu The pick off is toward the left side of the printer. So the first thing is to take the toner and make mionlta the toner chip is on it. Thanks, Magnapro, for the suggestion! And it was likely affecting the “beam konica minolta 5430dl mechanism. I tried swapping the drum and it didn’t make any difference.

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Not a bad service manual as they go. I tried reinstalling the toner cartridges but this was only a temporary fix. Hi, Konica minolta 5430dl have two DL Printers. It is also present on Black only printout, but obviously just black barcode. I have a magiccolor w.

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A few days ago, in the middle of a print job, it started making this foul grinding noise. I likewise attempted to clean the mating switch contact in the printer, but noticed that one of the contacts was mis-aligned. Just got my duplexer working, thanks to the guys at Konica support. Can it be replaces. Error 17H is a mibolta rotation failure, chances are that when you have replaced the toners one of konica minolta 5430dl is not sitting right and it is stopping the rack from rotating, if you can select “remove toner” on the konica minolta 5430dl konicx is on your printer, remove all of the toners, minoltaa select “install toner” and reinstall all of them, also chack for any physical damage on anything around the toner rack, or something like a small piece of paper jammed in the right hand side of the toner rack.

Hi Magnapro, many thanks for konicca detailed post. These levers are in the up position on new printers usually when shipped. To realign the rotory assembly you will need to find a manual somewhere to tell konica minolta 5430dl how to do it. The lcd panel on the printer keeps saying: I’m tired of this!

Go figure, does this right after warranty expires. Oh konica minolta 5430dl where can I find Vista 64 bit drivers? No relies for two years. I’m not a tech type person but would like some ideas to what may be happening and also how to fix? Doe snot make any differance. The help desk says there is a sensor 3 inches below the konica minolta 5430dl roller I cannot see anything that looks like a flag sensor at that location.

I have w that I am ready to chuck out oonica window. Eventually, every page was folded about a half an inch, three inches from the top.

Is there anywhere else i can check?? I have a Magicolor printer and it does the high pitch and jam scenario sporadically. Any suggestions are appreciated! The problem comes from drum cartidge, the black toner konica minolta 5430dl works properly.