Will this program be able to correct my problems and allow the drive to revert back to its full Gb capacity? Lonely Ranger on December 9, 5: Thank you my friend… Really thank you… Karasardelis on February 1, 1: I wonder if there is any way to regain the actual capacity on my Fujitsu ….. I purchased a gb hard drive and it was telling me I only had gb. Je ne sais vraiment plus quoi faire Windows Vista does not have any issue with big drives.

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Full capacity is restored. Log In Sign Up. I have a new gb drive for my laptop in a wdc wd800bb enclosure. Of course I only have one HD controller. This made it work instantly!

Don wdc wd800bb December 4, 2: I recovered a gb and gb westeren digital both reported 32gb. I applied your tool, shutdown for a few mins and restarted. I have a new 1T portable USB disk. Thank you for your job wdc wd800bb for sharing this to everyone. I do not see wdc wd800bb problem wd80b0b this tool on a USB stick or something similar… Dmitry Postrigan on February 7, 2: Thank youThank you, Thank you!

Ofc it fails to recover it. If the device is detected in the system, it will now be removed from the device wdc wd800bb. I already tried to do that trick, pull of the power cable and put it back again, still not working. After verifying you will receive points! Tried to clone a Dell 80 GB drive into a Toshiba GB drive then somputers would only recognize it as a 78 GB hard drive the GB toshiba none of the tools available on the Internet fixed it wdc wd800bb this tool. Also great job with the on going support on this page, that is just amazing and rare to see, Thanks guys n Girls!

This is an especially wdc wd800bb problem as they were part of an extended drive, so at this point neither will operate. Why version for Win 7 64bit cannot be developped? I tried re-powering the drive, live wdc wd800bb success. Would not install, indicated the file was corrupt. I have downloaded your HD Capacity Restore 3 times.

Can I use your wdc wd800bb to restore hard drive capacity from primary hard disk? And something else too. Cannot copy file I have a Dell laptop. What should i do? R — Reset to Drive Maximum. Sending all 4 of my drives for RMA: I have a problem with my secondary 1TB hard drive. I did not attempt to restore the capacity. I suspect it was my fault using it in an external box that only supports up to GB when trying to migrate wdc wd800bb system from the old drive using Acronis Easy Migrate. Wdc wd800bb The issue wdc wd800bb are experiencing is related to partitions.

Any chance the download file got corrupted? After I started up again, Disk Management still reports I only have a 7.

Numark USB Audio Device – driver download software [FOUND ]

wdc wd800bb What will it do? So I was wondering…. Hello, You can try to set the hard drive as Master, that might help.

This time it appears at 33mb, but I get the same error message. Worked perfectly fine for me. If so, we would love for you to click the ‘like’ button above, so that more people can enjoy the plethora of device hardware and driver information available on this website.

After running the repair routine it reported an error with the drive so I restored wdc wd800bb system to normal, very disappointed.

The wise man has spoken!!!! I tried running this on a windows 7 wdc wd800bb, it ran, however stated it was missing a driver and showed the driver on each sata channel.

Elektronika w duzym scalaku jest ok 0 Translate wdc wd800bb from polish to english. Misschien is dat met deze schijven ook gebeurt.

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Wdc wd800bb you so much for all of this info and the Capacity Restore tool! Found this wdc wd800bb and wdc wd800bb had my original drive back in seconds. Note on my end, I had to use Disk Management to first remove the In this case I guess it might be damaged somehow.

This program does not perform any kind of formatting; it does not alter the data in any way. I tried using MHDD but it kept telling me to re-power the drive.

The giveaway is that the BIOS does know how big the drive is, and displays it during wdc wd800bb prestart. Both hard drives are Western Digitals. The Bios now reads Wdc wd800bb but windows still reads 32mb and no data to be seen.