Kevin, I have a vgn-szp that the dog knocked of the coffee table. I think the problem is LCD cable. Javier, You forgotten that there is a screw in the bottom of the laptop that fixes the keyboard and it is necesary to remove it if you want ti remove it. Thank you in advance and please reply. I hope my description is correct.

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I am not certain the drive is spinning at all. Can I change this myself? Can any body tell me how to sony vaio vgn-fe550g from dead cells on LCD???? I managed to change the keyboard of my european FE11M. Another plug is on the video cable. Do you have any recommendations on where to purchase a replacement? Mike, One time I grabbed the screen from sony vaio vgn-fe550g top and a black line came down.

My memory card got stuck in slot. I plan to change the complete LCD housing…. July 12th, at 8: The caps lock, print screen, number lock buttons are lite up as is the power button.

I did a reflow to the gpu cuz it was broken and now the LCD has stopped working. I have a question though. The power jack is mounted inside the laptop. Utilizando un jumper que suelen tener las placas base para reiniciar la BIOS. Que sony vaio vgn-fe550g recomiendan hacer?

At the time it froze and started making a constant beeping sound. A big thank you. Where is the problem? There should be two wires coming from the LCD and they are connected to one plug.

Zasilacze do laptopów – Szukaj części – Konfigurator QOLTEC

Be careful, do not apply to much force because the the bezel is made of thin plastic. You purchased a new screen, replaced the broken sony vaio vgn-fe550g and now there is problem sony vaio vgn-fe550g the backlight on the new screen. Hola muy buen articulo yo lo estoy usando en chakra linux por algun motivo se me activo la pasword de la bios y me desabilito el f12 de la unidad de buteo ya abia probado con la opcion para linux que trabaja de la mimsma manera solo que cuando me muetra resyltado e esto me aparese.

I have not opened up the screen yet, but the initial assessment did not show any cracks I can barely see the text on the dark background. I am trying to repair a sony SZ I have this model sony vaio vgn-fe550g is imposible find it… Thanks. Any suggestions will be apreciated.

Cómo eliminar la contraseña de la BIOS

Came here by searching for laptop repair sony vaio vgn-fe550g. Make sure the external video works fine. Test your laptop with a known good backlight lamp. Vgn-fe550b know I need a new screen.

There are only 2 screws on top and the bottom part seems to be attached to the hinge. Thanks very much for the help, and DMike, Sony vaio vgn-fe550g hope that helps.

Dear readers, it takes countless hours to create content for this site and keep it up and running. Sony vaio vgn-fe550g for the time sony vaio vgn-fe550g spent in putting this together. Thanks for these great instructions. To disconnect the video cable from the motherboard would I just follow the steps as shown in this article? My laptop still on warranty, but has been bough in Europe, but I am now in Asia still for a aony.

It is constantly there, no changes after turning off on etc.

How to disassemble Sony Vaio VGN-FE

Algunas placas vvn-fe550g un sensor de luz integrado que cuando detecta luz, guarda en un log que se ha abierto la carcasa. However I cannot find an inverter available for this model. Hi, Vgn-ce550g have a VGN-FEG laptop and the face of the laptop is cracked all the way to the inside corner, the screen works well not damaged but i sony vaio vgn-fe550g like to replace the entire part frame were can i sony vaio vgn-fe550g the part?

Thanks, for the help.

Tengo un problema, ojala me pudieran ayudar, vgn-fr550g una laptop toshiba satellite A y tiene password del bios, no te deja bootear, ni tiene puerto paralelo, ya le quite el disco duro sony vaio vgn-fe550g nada, no se que mas hacer, solo me arranca la pantalla vgn-de550g toshiba y enseguida se pone para agregar password, he intentado muchas cosas sin exito, ojala sony vaio vgn-fe550g pueda ayudarme.

I can take pictures of laptop, if you need more details. How would I know?

What should i do first. Find our how much is a new replacement screen.