Hopefully Intel will have improved drivers for so that we don’t need these hacks to lead fulfilling, high resolution lives. Now I have the pc on my house, Everything is ok thanks to you. I’m not sure that adding a 6th resolution would work but if you try it let me know. The file within the driver executable archive from the Toshiba website – Intel’s driver would not install was named “igdlh. Thank you sooooooooo much James Clements i was about to have my computer repaired because of this problem and then i read this, thanx you are awesome.

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Computer MIPS and MFLOPS Speed Claims to

James, Many, many thanks for sharing this. Thank hpp so much mr James Clements! Thank you so much. November 3rd, at You can change all those value using regedit.

October 29th, at Best Regards Peter, Surrey. Hp compaq dx200 22nd, at A quick Google of x 60 revealed the hex values for that resolution to be:. The hp compaq dx200 with the DVI is working with the right resolution but when I want to set the monitor with the vga port it jumps back if I select x Do you know a good source for the values or the format comlaq I really hope that you can help me.

September 18th, at November 13th, at The first 4 had been set already to offer x 60, x 50, x 60 and x 50 resolutions. September 21st, at September 8th, at To Start Manufacturer No. July 31st, at August 15th, at Thanks again James, Samer. But anyway our web store may be particularly interesting for hp compaq dx200 end user of home appliances as well. Thanks hp compaq dx200 lot ones again. Thanks for such wonderfully helpful info.

Hp compaq dx200 x at 60hz try this: March 5th, at U make me happy Thanks for the info and sharing! Finally hp compaq dx200 screen is in its native resolution now.

Actually, anyone have the driver they can upload? It seems Intel do not configure their driver to natively allow a resolution of x as well as other resolutions between x and the maximum supported resolution of x Hi Richard, if you would more than one specific resolution within the driver I would suggest modifying one of the pre-set DTDs one of the first hp compaq dx200 set by Comppaq that are left disabled by default.

Subscribe to comments feed. November 25th, at Then run setup from the same folder. A better explanation of the meanings of all of the values can be found there as well. This np good ive used it a few times now after different windows version and want to say thanks again. Hello James – Many thanks for the initial solution, and keeping an eye on the comments. I really very very much thankful to you for this solution. hp compaq dx200

Allow me to pile on the praise. December 22nd, at It turns out that the driver is to blame. I was personally very happy with the performance of this monitor but just out of curiosity was just surfing the web to read reviews and comments about this monitor to get a feel of the general perception and experience of other users.

I cannot believe I put up with this problem for months. It has worked before but I did a driver update and have since lost that ability. Does anyone have the current driver to fix the hp compaq dx200 In case anybody is wondering, this is on an Intel G43 chipset with Hp compaq dx200 graphics, so this fix is indeed sx200 for these newer Intel GMA adapters.

May 19th, at hp compaq dx200 Thanks a lot yaar I cannot find this igxp