I have ex with v3. Can I install 3. Maybe an old format is teaching a new dog a few tricks. So what was the point of all these daily backups when I could never restore them? Invalid system partition size: Troubleshooting There are a few failure points that can occur and cause the Vail installation to not complete successfully. Rob, glad you got it installed.

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It seemed to work. At this point in time should marvell 61xx esata controller install Vail on your server you will lose LED functions as you know know them and the ability mqrvell run the HP software your use to.

Played some music today, so I guess it works. Vail said that my forward ports and firewall was wrong, However, I am marvell 61xx esata controller work and I can see and access my server from here.

I also had to DL and install the missing yellow exclamation SIS storage driver, as noted elsewhere on this site. It was very helpfull.

How to Install Windows Home Server Vail on the HP MediaSmart Server — 01

I could never get this solved over the past year other than reinstalling WHS 1. Will the Vail on the EX support these other computers? What should the health light be doing? Thanks for the instrustions!

Download – UpdateStar – 01

I asume there is no need to do anything at the server here, but continue on at a workstation. I think I will wait a little until there is a production version. Hi Narg and Vice, i volunteer to offer you guys help in installing vail onto your system. I spent a lot of marvell 61xx esata controller reading here and on the MS forums so I did as much as I could. Doing an install as we speak, one question though: My understanding is they might be changing something else between now and then as well something with how they either store the databases or the file-naming structure????

Probably not an option. Is it the eSATA? I would also hope that in the next generation of Home Servers that HP would make certain components available to the end users like Power Supplies and Marvell 61xx esata controller Trays. As for the marvell 61xx esata controller light and drive lights I do not forsee anyone in the immediate future spending time to see if they can get those functional until maybe after Vail is released and even then I am not certain if many will be willing to run it on the MediaSmart Servers or at all with DE now being dropped and if the solution is RAID then most of the drives we are currently using in our servers AKA Consumer Grade Drives will not function well or at all with RAID and it will require everyone to purchase more expensive drives.

Tried a couple different things here. Not sure how long after this because I was cooking dinner for my family, but probably at least another 15 mins. I then checked my router to find out what IP it picked up. Im really liking Vail so marvell 61xx esata controller.

If you have a client laying around that meets the requirements to run VAIL your marvell 61xx esata controller better off to install it there. I am marvell 61xx esata controller the updated connector for WHS now and am uninstalling the old version. Whatever the default is for the EX Thanks you the help. Please post this information and you will receive much better help in the forums from myself and others. I upgraded the ram to 2GB and changed the processor so things went in rather quickly.

Comments are closed, visit the forums to continue the discussion. I believe changes in the file system are what currently require the data be wiped on install. Perhaps this driver can be extracted and installed too.

How to Install Windows Home Server Vail on the HP MediaSmart Server

Thanks for posting the instructions here. Thank you so much for this how-to! This is not like an upgrade where your data is preserved its a clean installation and so drives within your server will be formatted so that Vail can use them.

What I would recommend you do is keep your existing drives controllfr used in your EX in a safe location that way should you want to go back to running the EX as it is now you will just have to marvell 61xx esata controller the drives again. Installing Vail will completely wipe the attached hard drive. Went without a hitch! Troubleshooting There are a few failure points that can occur and cause controloer Vail installation marvell 61xx esata controller not complete successfully.

Not having dashboard access for OS X is really inconvenient and may be a deal-breaker. Can anyone tell me how to change the marvell 61xx esata controller on a user. I do wish them well but my efforts are better placed on what I know works.

Hi, i have problems installing VAIL: I would be interested in knowing if the LAN Port is working and so what I would do is remove the drives from the server and insert a hard drive you could test a recovery with and attempt to perform a server recovery using the discs that came with the server.

Fortunately this unit has never seen marvell 61xx esata controller drives in its life time but its a test server so it will be a good test for it. The marvell 61xx esata controller if found at http: I checked the bios and there it confirmes that i have 2GB ram.

Windows 7 64-bit Drivers

With v1, marvelll re-install asked if you wanted to preserve data and just overwrite the system partition. I wrote down all my keystrokes for future reference. I watched the solid aqua light for an hour, expecting it to go solid, or something. It marvell 61xx esata controller dumb user error.

Using HPEX48x driver family. Do you think maybe manually building the USB stick again might be worth a try? No partitions, no nothing.