I inspected the Optiplex GX and finally found an abnormality. I have a Dell XPS that was starting to give me trouble. Thanks again for all your help. So, my conclusion is — it is a design failure or malfunction of the way the battery is to communicate with the blinking light. I changed the power supply and the computer started working fine.

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All the connections inside are good. Next I bent those little leads inside the usb port to straighten then out. As soon as that was out, the Dell booted up. I have an HP pavillion desktop aw off warranty a couple months ago. Could you help me in this problem. Come on Dell, find us a solution!

September 16, at 1: Thanks sr5130nnx for all your help. The sr5130nnx up cord was the problem! John, cheers for that. Who would believe such a tiny thing could work? Also check that one of the USB ports is not damaged. I had the flashing amber and the smell of electrical components burning. The compaq presario sr5130nx oddity I found was that I tried it unsuccessfully before disconnecting compaq presario sr5130nx reconnecting the power-to-motherboard cable a third time before the PC restarted.

I never had this compaq presario sr5130nx before I have shutdown and rebooted before, but never left it off for that many days. To shesagordie,Johnc,Bev and J. Quick google found you guys. My Dell Dimension will compaq presario sr5130nx boot up.

Holding compaq presario sr5130nx power button down till it goes presatio. Any time I switch it on, it will give me an error screen and it will switch itself off. Much like you guys, I too experienced the blinking amber light.

compaq presario sr5130nx The power supply works, as do the memory sticks. August 31, at 1: I found bent pins in my front damaged USB port. I replaced the power supply and same prob….

Immediately backed up the ssr5130nx and will figure out what to do with the HP monitor.

A Blinking Orange Power Light

Help me so that i ;resario charge my notebook and use it to test our new router. Compaq presario sr5130nx can I check that? Thank you so much for the USB idea. I got this on my Dell Latitude D yesterday. I havd a dell gx which lost video I assume the onboard gpu needs a reflow or is damaged.

Thank you got posting this. I bought a larger disk for the so that my daughter could use it and before I could even put it in I thought I compaq presario sr5130nx check for any remaining stuff on the HD.

Compaq Presario – Wikipedia

As far as my Dell computer goes, I will hope these suggestions will work for me because I will have to shut it down sometime. January 14, at 3: Leads me to think it might be a device or driver, but all the drivers seemed to check out.

I took the CPU out and put it back and now the HD light comes pfesario and stays compaq presario sr5130nx, but the main power button light stays amber. This Dell GX would boot and run for hours on some occasions and on others would only show the flashing yellow light. I disconnected the mouse, plugged the CPU back compaq presario sr5130nx and compaq presario sr5130nx started like a charm. December 11, at 9: A while back ai went to turn it on and, nothing.

A Blinking Orange Power Light

I had thought, maybe the power supply has gone bad already but Dell replaced this a a year or two ago after i bought my computer. BUT recently I was provided with a new Toshiba by work and after removing Vista, I have been using that for the last 4 months.

I am not having any spare battery to check. I thought it just hibernated but compaq presario sr5130nx happens. Looks like I have to buy a new CPU. February 1, at 8: What could be compaq presario sr5130nx problem. Unplug the cable from the PS on the back of the computer. Hi there — have a Dell as well and am experiencing similar problems.

Many thanks for saving countless hours with this one. March 3, at 3: December compaq presario sr5130nx, at I shown my laptop to local laptop repair technicians.