From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Full charge can last 40 days. The System p5 is available in 2-and 4-core configurations using one or two 2-core 1. With the integrated Service Processor, the system has the ability to automatically send out an alert via phone line to a pager or call for service in the event of a critical system failure. Monitors and analyzes system errors, and if needed, can automatically place a service call to IBM without customer intervention Can help reduce the effect of business disruptions due to unplanned system outages and failures Performs problem analysis on a subset of hardware-related problems and, with customer authorization, can report automatically the results to IBM Service. In conjunction with this adapter, network attachment cables using industry standard RJ connector can be obtained from commercial cable suppliers in a variety of lengths to suit the particular installation. Client placement specifications are collected using the System Planning Tool SPT and processed through the marketing configurator.

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A maximum of four processor activation code features 4 xor 2 x and 2 x are allowed per processor card. Does not magellan spacemouse – Rack Indicator, Rack 6 When added to an initial rack order, this indicator is used to specify the sixth rack for a multi-rack order. Does not apply – Rack Indicator, Rack 11 When magellan spacemouse to an initial rack order, this indicator is used to specify the eleventh rack for a multi-rack order. Color is Business Black. Client placement specifications are magellan spacemouse using the System Planning Tool SPT and processed through the marketing configurator.

This 8-position cable should be used when more than four and less than or equal to eight adapters magellan spacemouse H. Does not apply – Day Indicator Administrative indicator used to enable configuration of magellan spacemouse with a total quantity greater spacemoue thirty to be processed.


If these RANs are connected the synchronous channel the data rate drops down to 1. Eliminates the need to have these parts relocated in the customers environment as may happen if the order is placed without this feature code. In order to mount more spacdmouse 2 p systems with redundant DC power in a T00 rack, feature number must be specified magellan spacemouse the configuration will receive special request services from the Center for Customized Solutions. Either the HMC ports or the system ports can be used, magellan spacemouse not both.

This cable is 3m 9.

Family +01 IBM System p5

Install a second feature number Four magellan spacemouse eight H. Please carefully consider magellan spacemouse usage spavemouse this card. Select from cable features: Individual ports support a maximum EIA distance of 62 meters feet. Express Product Offering E9 Attributes required: Two external ports provide connectivity to numerous other SCSI external subsystems.

Activation of one processor on second Attributes required: Retrieved from ” https: A power cord magellan spacemouse be ordered for each power supply ordered. Internal disk nagellan to be configured as an array. The adapter supports distances of m for Disk drive fault tracking can alert the system administrator of an impending disk failure before it impacts customer operation.

No 2-Way 1. The two processors share 36MB of L3 cache q and magellan spacemouse.

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Temperature monitoring warns magellan spacemouse magelllan administrator of potential environmental-related problems for example, air conditioning and air circulation around the system so that appropriate corrective actions can be taken before a critical failure threshold is reached. Uses the standard Cherry MX switches found in most of the mechanical keyboards. Express Product Offering E3 Attributes required: This card does not support single-ended SE devices.

Magellan spacemouse empty memory DIMM positions.

The length of this cable is 3 meter. Error handling and reporting In the unlikely event of system hardware or environmentally induced failure, the system run-time error capture capability systematically analyzes the hardware error signature to determine the cause of failure.

Availability enhancement functions The auto-restart reboot option, when enabled, can reboot the system automatically following an magellan spacemouse software error, software hang, hardware failure, or environmentally induced ac magellan spacemouse failure.

Does not apply – Magellan spacemouse Processor Activation for Processor Feature No Longer Available as mage,lan May 28, This feature number will activate one processor on spacemuose processor card. For disk microcode updates, go to the following web page: EEH-enabled adapters respond to a special data packet generated from the affected PCI slot hardware by calling system magellan spacemouse, which will examine the affected bus, allow the device driver to reset it, and continue without a system reboot.

Mutual surveillance The Service Processor monitors the operation of the firmware during the boot process, and also monitors the Hypervisor magellan spacemouse termination. Graphics Adapter For A: Able to connect to three separate devices.

System firmware can be downloaded from: No LC-SC By using this site, you agree magellan spacemouse the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.