It is very easy to set up. But asthetics aside, here are a few key points regarding this this product: Run the setup installer file ie: Once it is detected, it will say that it’s not compatible; just click to continue installation anyway. I have also read of people getting the camera to work without the mic on the camera working for vista64bit, thats all im looking for so i am kind of squeemish about replacing or downgrading any files actually a part of my OS. Just DL the Thank you for getting my camera working.

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I hope there is no more drama with my vista. I extract the qcenu. Error report is that “firmware inproperly reports device resources, and driver can’t start”. Double-click the device and select the Logitsch tab.

Now shut down linux, and reboot into Windows. Just install the new driver from logitech support site.

The main thing that people need to know when looking at this product is that it is designed logihech laptops. This saved my life.

I am now stuck at the first step. I used Ubuntu live CD:.

Trick to Use Logitech QuickCam Messenger in Windows Vista – Tech Journey

logitech m n v-ubc40 I need to install Logitech Proand no driver work from disk or from site, or mentioned in this post too. However Vista x64 would not recognize a driver for the QuickCam Pro lobitech directed o install the driver a the specific v-ucb40 of the unpacking using windows device driver ….

Copy the Win XP version of usbaudio. Thanks alot for the fix, worked perfectly, you made my girl and me very happy. Run the setup installer file ie: Works a treat now! One way of doing this logitech m n v-ubc40 Luis did is to use a live Linux CD.

And thats as far as I get. SYS file in your computer. Any cure for this? Windows is SP2 with all updates, so Vubc40 suuppose also some system driver has incorrect version too new?

Must I to continue running the qcenu? As a precaution, I uninstalled all previous Logitech QuickCam and driver software first including driver packs and made restarts before beginning with the process prescribed. I thought I’d post a more detailed step by step though, as it is a bit nasty for non-techies….

How the hell other ppl did this under vista is logitech m n v-ubc40 me. As an aside I will not buy another Logitech product including mice, remotes, or speakers, because of thier logitfch support policy reagrding logitech m n v-ubc40 cameras.

Trick to Use Logitech QuickCam Messenger in Windows Vista

WOW great find, i’ve been looking for ages and this is the best way by far, works a treat. I have a small laptop… but for users with mega-media-laptops, depending on the USB port location, the cord will probably be just long enough, without much extra give.

Once you’ve got your live CD, you then restart your computer, make sure you boot using the CD you’ll need to press F12 or whichever key logitech m n v-ubc40 your computer indicates when you’re booting up. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. I get similar problem on Windows XP Pro bit. The video effects are nice, but it doesn’t seem to do well with my face.

You may need to restart Windows once more I didbut now you should have logitech m n v-ubc40 audio working once again! Halleluja — I love you! Fantastic — this works a treat.