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This section contains free e-books and guides on Modern Geometry, some of the resources in this section can be viewed online and some geometty them can be downloaded.

Modern Geometry by Wayne Aitken Dr. Free Modern Geometry ebooks online.

A Concise Geometry : Durell,Clement V. : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive

The author ventures to express not merely his hope, but his confident expectation, that these novel and interesting theorems some British, but the greater part derived from French and German sources will widen the outlook of our mathematical instructors and lend new vigour to their teaching.

In the first chapter of the course notes will cover a variety of geometric modern geometry pdf download.

This course will be useful to students who want to cownload and use Euclidean geometry, to students who want to learn more about the history of geometry, and to students who want an introduction to non-Euclidean geometry.

The modern geometry of the triangle William Gallatly Online Pages English In this little treatise on the Geometry of the Triangle modern geometry pdf download presented some of the more important researches on the subject which have been undertaken modern geometry pdf download the last thirty years.

Wayne Aitken Online NA Pages English This is a course note on Euclidean and non-Euclidean geometries with emphasis on i the contrast between the traditional and modern approaches to geometry, and ii the history and role of the parallel postulate.

The classical theorem of Ceva, Ceva, Moddern modern geometry pdf download Selftransversality, The general transversality theorem, The theorems of Hoehn and Pratt-Kasapi, Circular products of ratios involving circles, Circle transversality theorems, A basic lemma and some applications, Affinely Regular Polygons, Linear transformations; smoothing modern geometry pdf download, Affine-Regular Components, The general Napoleon’s Theorem, The iteration of smoothing operations.

Principles of modern geometry, with numerious applications to plane and spherical figures; and an appendix, containing questions for exercise John Mulcahy Online Pages English The objective of this book downlowd to lay down and illustrate the more elementary principles of those Geometrical Methods which, in recent times, have been so successfully employed to investigate the properties of figured space.

Introductory modern geometry of point, ray, and circle Modeern Benjamin Smith Online Pages English This book explains all the fundamental concepts in modern geometry. Free Modern Geometry Books.