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He graduated with honours in Philosophy from Harvard University Much like the cifficulty modern books, it judges the merit of the action than the actors.

Non-fiction at its best. The above questions might have passed through your mind at least once in your lifetime. No trivia or quizzes yet. Preview read now Buy multiple copies Give this ebook to a friend Add to my wishlist Author’s page Publisher’s page. The author, in my opinion wrongly calls Chanakya as the Indian ‘Machiavelli’.

Why does always bad things happen to good people? The book, “The Difficulty of Being Good”, landed me in a whole new world of Dharma being good or perfect, roughly and its various implications as suggested through various incidents in the Indian epic Mahabharata.

Inbeign took early retirement to become a full time writer. Reading this book will give you an explicit idea of what the epic might have in store. A sprawling, witty, ironic, and delightful poem, the Mahabharata is obsessed with the elusive notion of dharma–in essence, doing the right thing.

The Difficulty of Being Good

All said and done. Univ of California Press Format Available: Through the elaborate analysis of the powerful characters of Mahabharata, the great author tries to find some of these answers. The book successfully defines the middle path of Mahabharata grounded in enlightened self-interest with pragmatic, upright statesmen like Bhishma and Krishna, who have responsibility of running a state, should follow.

It is when the sva dharma and sadharan dharma is navigated through.

Both are brokenhearted in the ending days of the war, ashwatthama because he did not expect the level of adulterous act to win the war by Pandvas, whom he and his father were in favour of since beginning but were duty bound towards Kauravas. Really don’t want to delve more. Divided into three sections, the book covers: Gurcharan Das examines the highs and lows of independent India through the prism of history, his own experiences and those of numerous others he has met—from young people in sleepy UP villages to chiefs of software companies in Bangalore.

His interpretations of them, mainly using philosophical argumen This is an excellent book in many ways. Das explores the Mahabharata from many perspectives and compares the successes and failures of the poem’s characters to those of contemporary individuals, many of them highly visible players in the world of economics, business, and politics.

Disable your adblock now and refresh this page. This shortsighted focus on profitable skills has eroded our ability to criticize authority, reduced our sympathy with the marginalized and different, and damaged our competence to deal with complex global problems.

Similarly, this book offers a more balanced perspective on others such as Draupadi, Bhishma, Karna, and Yudhishthira. The dharmic challenges we face every day resonate throughout Downllad book. In this uneven world this book takes us to the very different dimension of the great epic, teaches the subtlety of dharma, and nishkaam karma.

The Difficulty of Being Good (ebook) by Gurcharan Das |

As Nehru said of India on the eve of Independence: It’s the other way: When a hero does something wrong in a Downnload epic, he wastes little time on self-reflection; when a hero falters in the Mahabharata, the action stops and everyone weighs in with a different and often contradictory take on dharma. Bhishma begins to decimate the armies of the Pandavas He spends a considerable amount of time expanding upon this argument.

In my opinion it isn’t a religious text. The book concludes as in the Mahabharat, that dharma is subtle.

The Mahabharata is obsessed with the elu In his new book, Gurcharan Das turns to the Mahabharata in order to answer the question, ‘why be good”, and discovers that the epic’s world of moral haziness and uncertainty is closer to our experience as ordinary difficuoty beings than the narrow and rigid positions that define most debate in this fundamentalist age of moral certainty. The book contains meticulous research that the author conducted over his post-retirement years traveling to the USA and interacting with various scholars as well as reading multiple different versions of the Mahabharata – and its numerous analysis.

Through dharma, these traditions have articulated their distinct visions of the good and well-rewarded boo. The epic’s characters are flawed, but their incoherent experiences throw light on our familiar dilemmas.

I want to advance mine not hurting others, though of course if it were a race, then I would try to win and would not care if you felt hurt on losing. HardcoverRoyalpages.

However, this book makes one aware of a fallible, yet reflective, side of the eldest Pandava. Jun 26, Devika rated it it was ok Shelves: If being righteous is so important then why do the heroes fall prey to their own anxiety, greed, envy, despair and remorse at the end despite having won the battle?

It further demonstrates the changes brought about by globalisation, especially through information technology and business process outsourcing industries. An awesome book in my opinion. Want to Read saving…. More than “being good”, as written in the title, it is about being right, having an upright behavior, to do what has to be done.

But that is something we can look past. I didn’t particularly enjoy it, and gave up after two chapters.