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100 TOP NETWORK ENGINEER Interview Questions and Answers pdf

A straight-through cable is used to connect computers to a switch, hub or router. NET provides three ways to authenticate a user: However, you can configure application-level tracing to always store the most recent tracing data, discarding the oldest data when the maximum number of requests is reached.

Are there any special areas in this company that the top leaders emerge from? I failed in many interviews on few basic questions.

Quality Control Interview Questions

What advice would you give to someone selected for this position? NET provides capability to execute a callback method when that item is removed from cache. What is the difference between an Internet and an intranet site? What is a cross cable? This will enable the user to directly call a stored procedure by calling a web method. Simple quick running queries ran by users. STS does not have these features, or they are very scaled back.

This is a request that will require you to know a lot about yourself. But there is always a room for upgrades and improvements.

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What can you contribute? NET Web application using any one of the following three deployment options. Operational data is from original data source of the data OLAP: When several users are performing transactions at the same time, OLTP databases are designed to let transactional applications write only the data needed to handle a single transaction as quickly as possible.

How to manufacture the CMOS inverter?

Two records exist in database — current data and previous history data. With Maven, we can easily manage Java project builds. Real Time Data Warehouse — Data warehouses at this stage are updated on a transaction or event basis, every time an operational system performs a transaction e. SQL Server enables administrators to manage permissions at a granular level. Full-text search allows fast and flexible indexing for keyword-based query of text data stored in a Microsoft SQL Server database.

So, we have to use AutoIt tool with Selenium script. For example, a quad Xeon machine with 4GB of RAM works great for a document management server that has about— 1, document, but if you need to store 50, document and want to have them all in one single workspace then it does not scale at all.

When the page is requested, the dynamically generated class sets this property for you. Are you a leader? At the minimum, maybe 2 1 for data and 1 for VMkernel but more should be used. How does it get implemented in SQL server ?

Licensing issues may downloas due to the global availability of your assembly. Firewalls are frequently used to queztions unauthorized Internet users from accessing private networks connected to the Internet, especially intranets. VLAN on switch helps to create separate broadcast domain at switch level.

Every time you use a domain name, therefore, a DNS service must translate the name into the corresponding IP address.

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You can ping a device by using its IP address or device name, such as a computer name. Surrogate key is a substitution for the natural primary key. Why is it 3 dB, not 1 dB?

There are three different types of SCD. It is the most commonly used public key encryption algorithm in use today.

Unique opportunity for a DevOps Engineer with a background in designing and building highly available, redundant and fault tolerant infrastructure to push the